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AMS Debt Management

According to comparison sites we charge some of the lowest fees in our sector Nationally. That’s one boast that we are very proud about. The whole of our business was set up to help those in need and to get our clients out of debt as quickly and ascost effectively as possible.

The other thing that is key to our debt management approach is to take away the stress from our clients at every available opportunity. That means helping stop the phone calls and letters from creditors and collection agencies and stop sometimes some of the underhand tactics that agencies use which cause such huge stress to our clients.

In order to be able to do this though you need to have good relations with creditors and with agencies and to have good relations with creditors and debt collection agencies you need to be fair in everything you do; and do what you say your going to do when you say your going to do it. By doing this on a consistent basis then, and only then, do you get good relations and that leads to fairness in negotiations and in turn that leads to clients getting out of debt in the most cost effective and least stressful way possible.

All of our clients receive their own dedicated case manager, all of our clients can visit our offices to meet their case worker and we keep all of our clients in regular touch with their account by a combination of phone call, letter, sms and e-mail. On top of this our clients can access our blog which is updated regularly and can also speak to us via Twitter on amsdebtdoctor and also via Facebook or linkedin.

Does your present provider give you

1) Exemplary client care

2) The commission you deserve

3) 24 / 7 access to your client files ?

If the answers no and this is the service you have been searching for then please pick up the phone today and arrange to meet with one of our Directors to discuss your requirements.